We are excited that you have chosen to work with us to become foster parents.  At Angel Wings we believe that every child is deserving of a loving, caring and supportive home.  


Becoming a licensed foster parent can be a lengthy process.  During this time we hope to get to know each other because fostering a child is a shared experience.

Foster parenting will be both challenging and rewarding.  It is our hope that you will not just “foster” but also “parent” each child entrusted to you.  You will be expected to provide a nurturing and loving environment, as well as recognize and respond to the special needs of each child in your care.

Children come into foster care under various unfortunate circumstances. 

Children in foster care have to move around pretty frequently, and often have to put all their belongings in trash bags. Children pick up on the message that they are not worthy, their things are trash, and they are trash. These kids deserve better, and you can help!